Anna Richardson, Guide editor

Much of this year's Marketing Services Guides indicates an industry in rude health, with search especially bullish, reflected by the growing number of entries in the sector exness là gì. Last year saw much consolidation and change. For example, the traditional ad network model is still being challenged by the growth of real-time bidding and media agencies investing in demand-side platforms. But networks are honing their skills, and many have made acquisitions in their bid to become third-party ad specialists around video, content or data management niches.

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Alex Hoye
CEO, Latitude Digital Marketing

It's all happening. After a quiet 2009, the ball got rolling in 2010. Now we're living in a golden age of digital marketing. Marketers across channels and disciplines wake up each day knowing there'll be more to learn before the month exness, week or even day is through. Exhilarating, isn't it?

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Brian O’Kelley
Co-founder and CEO, AppNexus

Real-time bidding (RTB) is an exciting new technology which we see growing, with average daily impressions in the UK 34,968% higher than they were a year ago. 2009 was the year of adoption. In January of that year, we saw only a few million ads sold daily on an RTB basis around the world, but by the end of the year we were already seeing a billion ads in a day. 2010 was a watershed year. I've never seen a new technology adopted faster than RTB. Over the course of a year, we went from seeing about a billion ads a day to over 8bn. In 2011, RTB is a commonly accepted monetisation channel.

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Nick Gold
VP, Emailvision

Email marketing has been around for a long time, is well tested and understood, yet still massively underdeveloped. The last ten years have seen a multiplication and fragmentation in the ways we communicate exness việt nam, but one thing hasn't changed: good marketing starts and finishes with the customer, and email is proven to get you closer to them.

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Ed Stevenson, European MD, Marin Software

Ed Stevenson
MD EMEA & APAC, Marin Software

A few years ago, a search marketer's life was relatively straightforward. They would buy traffic from a search engine and direct it towards a website, where the visitor would transact. Life was simple and it was generating great returns for advertisers.

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Paul Gubbins
UK sales director, StrikeAd

One of the most-used words in mobile advertising is 'potential'. Mobiles are unique as an advertising opportunity because they're never out of the hands or pockets of users, are filled with their most personal data, and are part and parcel of their everyday life. The number of mobiles being used every day now numbers in the billions, so there's no hyperbole in saying that the potential of mobile as an advertising medium is greater than online. So what's holding mobile back?

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